• Coffea

    Caffea arabica

    Coffee is native to Arabia and Ethiopia and is thought to have been first drunk in Persia. Now grown in Central and Latin America and West Indies, it has been used widely for medical purposes as a diuretic, painkiller, and to ease indigestion. It is also a well-known stimulant. Homeopathically, coffee is made from the raw berries of the coffee tree and was first “proved” by Hahnemann himself and a handful of volunteers. it is mainly used to treat those who are excitable and mentally overstimulated.

  • Calcarea Carbonica

    The source of this remedy is the mother-of-pearl in oyster shells. Mother-of-pearl was commonly used for its beauty to adorn combs and the backs of hairbrushes. In homeopathy, it also has wide-ranging uses but is most often used for problems relating to the teeth and bones. it is particularly good for broken bones wich slow to heal. a backache, and joint pain.