Art. Nit.

Argentum Nitricum


Silver nitrate, the source of this remedy, was given the names “hell stone” od “devils stone” because of its corrosive effect. Silver nitrate is extracted from the mineral acanthite, the main ore of silver, and is produced mainly in the U.S., South America, and Norway. In the past, due to its caustic and antibacterial qualities, it was used in medicine to cauterize wounds after surgery and treat conditions such as warts and eye infections. Although it is safe in small doses, large amounts are poisonous, causing breathing problems and damaging the kidneys, live, spleen, and aorta, and overdosing affects the skin, turning it permanently blue. It has also long had a less lethal use – for making the back of mirrors. In homeopathy, the remedy is most often used for nervous and digestive complaints.