It is belived the Romans first brought this poisonous plant to Europe, although it is also grown in parts of the US, Canada, and Asia, thriving on rubbish heaps and cemeteries. In conventional medicine, it was used as a painkiller, sedative, and anticonvulsivant, and the drug hyoscine is currently given as an antispasmodic. Homeopathically, it […]


Grow in parts of Canada, the US and Europe, wich hazel, wich can come from a number of threes or shrubs in the hamamelis family, has historically been used fro its astringent qualities. In conventional medicine, it has been used fro treating minor cuts, burns, rashes, and insects bites. In homeopathic remedy, the outer skin […]


Graphite is a mineral found in marble, granite, and crystalline rocks, and is mined in Sri Lanka, Canada, the US, and Mexico. It is a mixture of carbon, iron, and silica, and contained in products such as batteries, polishes, lubricants, and also pencils – its name come from the Greek graphein, meaning to write. It […]